Two British Born Chinese Characters

Refer to: ‘How to deal with being bullied at school.’


This is an analysis of two boys I encountered at school, who were both British Born Chinese citizens but could not be more different.

  • Boy A was a fucking bitch. He had a strange mullet haircut, where the back was really long but the sides and fringe were shortish
  • Despite being a fairly normal lad with a stable friendship group, he appeared to have real insecurities over his scarred appearance (caused by eczema)
  • He had a stable “nuclear” family, with his parents remaining married throughout his school years and a younger brother (who appeared to have a similar personality and type of friendship group to him)
  • In Year 7, we were placed in the same registration group together, where I entered as a young, naive kid. I took the brunt of his personal self-hatred of being Chinese. I believe he was angry at failing to deal with racial bullying at primary school
  • This boy proved to be one of the school’s higher achievers. He excelled in playing musical instruments and he was a excellent sportsman (athletics, swimming and football). He also excelled at academia, pulling top grades in science and mathematics
  • Although he had cordial but not close friendship, he developed a bond of mutual hatred with Boy C. They had a habit of telling me to go back to my own country
  • The pair also combined to accuse me and Boy B of being an embarrassment to Chinese people. I felt that both of these incidents were disgusting cases of hypocrisy
  • Boy A was often to rude and inconsiderate to teachers. He often failed to hand work in and was given detention fairly often. He proved difficult to motivate when teachers asked him to improve in subjects he disliked (English, Humanities and Art)
  • He was known for being fond of gossiping and watching reality television. This meant he spent a lot of time discussing this with girls. However, he was failed win their respect, as he was often rude and easily irritated when they teased him (such as his skinny frame and low body weight, as well his poor use of grammar)
  • Due to his low self-confidence, he was known for shouting to assert his dominance over those he saw weaker to him.
  • He was also an open fan of pornography. Despite responses of disgust from girls, he would proudly boost about this and admitted which female celebrities he found attractive. He seemed to fail to realise that not only was his reputation diminishing, but such revelations were restricting the growth of his self-confidence
  • Thanks to his strong male friendship group, he was often seen asone of the lads”, regularly chanting obscenities and engaging in banter with people he saw infrequently
  • However, he also carried a “camp” personality- bringing mild accusations of homosexuality from rival male friendship groups
  • He succeeded in achieving a place at a red brick university; it appears however he left halfway through his course
  • Ironically, he developed a close bond with the university’s Chinese and Asian societies. It appears he may be a “Chinese traditionalist”.
  • Untitled
  • Boy B was rather sadly one of life’s clueless characters.
  • His parents split up when he was 8 and he was an only child. He described his father as chain-smoking, heavy-drinking and an obsessive gambler who left to return to Hong Kong. It appears such an unstable upbringing made him protective, but dependent towards his single mother
  • When I first met him in Year 7 in a dinner queue, he appeared to say nothing to me. I tried asking him a few questions, but he promptly responded by putting his glasses on. It was very clear he was an awkward and uncomfortable character, who struggled with social skills more than I did. When he did try to speak, it sounded as if he had a speech impediment
  • It appears to be that despite spending much of his younger years in the learning difficulties unit, his problems were not addressed properly
  • In Sixth Form, I would further assimilate with him as we would both join the same friendship group. Sadly, the respect we had for each other slowly wore away into virtually nothing when we left school
  • Sadly, my own resentment of being BBC become apparent and I would proceed to alienate him in front of our friends. Once I was caught loudly laughing in response to when he decided he had had enough of insults and shouted “Shut up” extremely loudly
  • He appeared to engage in extraordinarily bizarre behaviour during this time. This included trying to befriend varying friendship groups within the sixth form common room; however, his method appeared to merely consist of simply sitting next to them with little response to their conversations
  • He was known to a be meek character. This, along with his eccentric behaviour, made him a target for practical jokes– one incident saw his bag removed and sent to the library (where he had been temporarily banned), another saw him to attempt his masculinity by (poorly) punching his antagoniser and suffering cuts from a return punch
  • He was also known for moments of uncharacteristic bravado. In one such moment, he said that he would be willing to take on the responsibility of being head boy if elected (though such an outcome was extremely unlikely); he also once ranted about his life plans, stating when he would get a girlfriend, a house, a job etc.
  • This was possibly an attempt to create a vision of a bright future for himself
  • He developed an affection for a petite, ginger-haired girl. Despite his strange behaviour and revelations (admitting he wanted to commit suicide at 15), he gained her sympathy when he told her his stories of hardship
  • In contrast to me and Boy A, he never showed shame of his ethnicity, although he did criticise the actions of the Chinese government
  • Boy B showed a decent interest in politics and current affairs, as well as sci-fi and video games. This allowed him to develop a bond with the sci-fi geeks and appeared to gain their pity, but not their respect
  • He was alienated further by his peers by own his dislike of sexual language and he always tried to be polite even when others were persistently rude to him. Sadly, he was a rather politically correct character, meaning his replies to insults were often tame and laughable
  • Thankfully, he was able to realise that Boy A‘s love of his expressing his joy of watching porn (loudly) to most of the common room made him a “very weird” person
  • He left school to go to a lower-end university. He became a clown figure, playing hockey and singing (poorly) at open mic concerts. He left halfway through his course to care for his sick mother. Sadly, after obtaining employment for a short while, it appears that he was released and has been filling his time with volunteering work.
  • He has almost 900 friends on Facebook, whom many are siblings of fellow pupils he knew poorly. Does this show him to be a publicity seeker?
  • A few more incidents involving him trying to gained the attention of girls online have also been captured
  • Another incident included him trying to enter a house party without an invite. Such an incident almost lead to the girl he was attracted to during this time to consider a restraining order. Is he a character who easily misinterprets signs, gestures and throwaway phrases?
  • He never showed any interest in befriending other Chinese after leaving school. Did the bullying he suffered at school cause him to reject his ethnic identity? 

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