Marc Segar- An Asperger’s Survival Guide

Marc Segar- An Asperger’s Survival Guide

In relation back to the ‘Being bullied at school’ article, a very useful guide to social skills was written by Marc Segar (1974-1997). This guide is useful not only to those conditioned with Asperger’s syndrome or a learning difficulty, but everyone in general.

I have provided a link to the section which Segar relates to three different types of people in the workplace:

Meek, Assertive and Aggressive.


A meek person was described as:

  • Looks down
  • Keeps his fists clenched (a closed signal)
  • Often speaks too quietly
  • Steps backwards when spoken to
  • Has a weak handshake
  • Is easily put down by others
  • Is often angry with himself for allowing others to take advantage of him
  • Is shy and withdrawn in company
  • Cannot accept compliments
  • Says ‘oh dear!’ and ‘sorry’ too much
  • -Tends to be the victim of extremely degrading jokes among colleagues


An assertive person was described  as:

  • Has an upright but relaxed stance
  • Maintains eye contact when listening or speaking (for over two thirds of the time) looking at faces as a whole
  • Has a firm handshake but not too firm
  • Is able to say ‘no’ when needs must
  • Can express his true feelings
  • Is interested in other people’s opinions as well as his own
  • Tries to treat everyone as equals
  • -Is seen by others as a trustworthy and responsible individual


An aggressive person was described as :

  • Stands still with stiff, rigid posture
  • Keeps his arms folded
  • Shouts and points finger
  • Bangs desk or table
  • May give eye contact almost the whole time he is speaking (looking straight into the eyes)
  • Is better at talking than at listening
  • Likes telling others what to do
  • Thinks his own opinion is always right
  • Likes to tell other people they’re useless
  • Tends to make himself quite lonely because people feel they have to be careful around him
  • -Described by others as a lowlife

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