The BBC’s backhanded celebration of white flight

“You have got to be kidding me”


That’s what I thought when I saw Mark Easton’s verdict of “It is a story of aspiration. It is a story of success.”

How can it be described as a success to allow Britain’s resources and labour market to be swamped by immigrants (illegal or temporary)?

Due to high living costs, temporary residents from the EU receive tax credits in return for the cheap labour they perform for businesses. I believe that the government is allowing itself to be taken hostage by multinational corporations such as Tesco, who use job-seekers to perform unpaid work for them. To worsen matters, many of these job-seekers have complained that they were not given a proper job reference necessary to show other employers of the work they have done.

Surely giving tax credits to European migrant workers AND keeping job-seekers on the dole can only mean disaster for the British economy?

Not only is the government is to blame for a terrible labour market, but these “British” multinational corporations have clearly neglected the British population itself. They have moved mass factory production of popular items from Britain to south-east Asia, where human rights is restricted.

Along Margaret Thatcher and her acts upon mining, a move away from what was a lucrative engineering industry has also taken place since.

These multinational corporations must realise they cannot keep such a large portion of their profit and share it out to Britain once more.

It is also worrying prospect that thanks to EU laws concerning migration around be relaxed and allow more Bulgarians and Romanians into Britian. This is similar to when the Polish were given such a benefiting legislative in 2004.

Stating an opposition to immigration is not racism.

One day, the likes of Tony Blair and his Nu-Labour campaign and ministers within the EU who have campaigned rather too excessively for human rights of illegal aliens, will wake up without a clue with what is going on in Europe.

That will primarily be due to the fact they will be living in a foreign Caribbean island, which they will reside with other wealthy white immigrants who have escaped the multi-cultural failure that was Europe.


The repressed white voice

It is obvious that a group supporting the rights of white people such as “The White Police Officers’ Union” or “The Young White Adults’ Voice for a Brighter Britain” would never come to fruition.

Frankly, that is partially due to not only would the ethnic minorities voice resentment to their presence, but many white people themselves would see this a racist movement supporting the motives of organisations such as the BNP and EDL.

I believe such white-supporting groups could exist, but only for the sake of white people living in urban areas in major cities where they are the ethnic minority themselves. They could work as long as the aforementioned BNP and EDL do not succeed in allowing their members to infiltrate such groups.

Sadly, there is massive divide in the political voices between the whites; those who see themselves as middle-class against the working class. Their lack of unity will prove pivotal to the erosion of their identity, with the middle-class whites willing to let the working-class struggle alone against the unsympathetic minorities.

Anti-Britishness is something that slowly but silently growing and must be stamped out.

Without resorting to the BNP and EDL, an alternative set of working-class parties must appear uniting all faiths in British society. In order for this happen, businesses and council organisations must bond together to produce funding for these working-class parties to achieve fruition. They must work to gain the attention of the mainstream big three in terms of the impact of their poorly structured policies in tackling social and ethnic tensions. Eventually, a possible merger of these working and mainstream parties could be performed to achieve a parliament that succeeds in being more representative of true British social boundaries.

Could UKIP be a solution to waking the big three from their errors? No, because UKIP is a party plagued by vague policies and its overwhelming primary concern to get Britain out of the EU. It is therefore still an one-issue party after many years and I would not fancy the idea of Nigel Farage as Prime Minister.

Sadly, they had all been warned by Enoch Powell about potential immigration issues with his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech…



It is clear this has been a massive failure. Various racial and religious people have been flagrantly used the race-card on a ridiculous number of occasions, as political correctness rears its ugly head.

I believe multi-culturalism could have only really worked if the minority race and religions (attempting to enter Britain) had been heavily reviewed by the British Government, to see whether they would conform to respecting the ‘British Way of Life’.

Many of these minorities have regularly voiced their disapproval of the banality and decadence associated with Britain, which they claim their cultures do not share.

However, many of these minority cultures have been allowed to perform acts of violence and rituals, which the British would prosecute without hesitation if these were done by white British people.

A lot of ethnic minorities have immigrated to Britain for better economic reasons solely with no intention of assimilating with British life, with  the BBC themselves publishing an article about illegal immigrants wanting to leave!

There clearly needs to be a collective agreement between all religions and cultures within Britain that merging the best aspects of each culture (and removing the worst) is the way forward for enhancing the ‘British Way of Life’.


The position of Chinese people in British society

Finally, I will conclude with where I believe Chinese and other east Asians (Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino) stand in British society.

Most of these people’s voices in British politics are extremely muted, which some whites may find strange due to supposed belief that they are sub-ordinate citizens to every minority in this country.

There is opaquely a lack of willingness to speak up. Chinese culture is known for being community-oriented and intolerant towards those who protest against traditions by stepping outside the boundaries.

Therefore it is no surprise the Chinese are (mostly) extremely respectful and subservient to British culture, despite many refusing to partake in traditional British cultural events and privately criticising it amongst themselves with disdain.

Will the Chinese ever have a media or communal platform for their identities within the British political and cultural hemisphere, like the Blacks and the Asians?

Surely this is the only way of improving derogatory east Asian stereotypes in Britain,


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