Misser “She Didn’t Turn Out To Be That Cool”

Hey, I’d really like to know
Do you like the New England cold?
If I had to guess I would, I would say no
Because to me you’ve always looked a little too beautiful
Eyes glued to your book under spring’s warm sun
To be honest, I’m getting sick of it too
Snowfall and cold air just keep me further from you
Last night, I swear I felt summer under neon lights
I should have said something to you

Can I come over?
I’ve grown too tired of phone lines and computer screens
We don’t have to keep it sober
We can just find a way to lose ourselves in sincerity
Because I can’t waste any more time wasting time
No, I can’t waste any more time wasting time (x4)

See there’s some things I think you should know about this city
And I know of a couple of places you’d, you’d probably love to go
I’ll take you out of this worthless city into the greenest scenery
We’ll leave behind the power lines for ocean air and breathe easy
Just take the time I swear it’ll be worth your time
Just take the time


Just let it sink in (x2)


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