“I’m sorry”

“I’m sorry once again for leaving a small chip in your gnome again!

Can I please have a panini please… whoops I dropped the ketchup again!

I’m so sorry for putting you in this situation again, if you would like me too I would clean your house for you.

I’m so sorry for disrespecting your honour, please take your hands away from my neck! Little Cheral was hungry and surely using your spoon to feed him food isn’t that bad is it! IIIIIIIIIISSSSSS IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT?!”


We have all known that person who kept saying “sorry” all the time.

If you were that person, ask yourself, “Was it really worth it to feeling so much sympathy over something so little?”

If so, you must be one of those who questions their existence a lot.


Why I am here?

Why don’t I have a backbone?

Why don’t I actually get that thing (homework, cleaning, revelation) done?

What is holding me back?

Why did that thing the big guy said (“You watch adverts? You’re sad.”) mean such a big deal to me?

If I know so many people think I’m weirdo, why do I always get nervous and stray away from what I really want to say?


These are things that need to be wiped away if you’re going to be a normal person.

Many of these losers also fulfil what is written in http://howtoruinyourlife.com/


On the other hand, type in  watch?v=AI_ErOKstQw

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