Diary of a Female Journalist on Feminism


I am one of those people that can see both sides of the argument. (In most cases). And i am worried that this can sometimes come across as hypocritical, but is it hypocritical to just be able to be open minded about everything. Surely there are worst things to be?

I believe in women’s rights and that our generation is obsessed with over sexualising women, but i also believe that women expect to be able to sexualise a man i.e the Diet coke break ads. If this ad was reversed and it was three men sat around drinking coke and ogling a women it would get banned within a week.

So i get confused with myself as to where exactly i stand on the controversy of Feminist views. Feminism is a dirty word now, associated with hairy women and ugly lesbians…..or this is who the anti-feminists try to paint it. I don’t feel that we are helping ourselves by becoming so freely open on social media, posting topless pics when we are not actually being paid for it isn’t really saying much. YES you can be proud of your body and i think it is great if you are comfortable, but we need to change the perception of women before we can truly change society. Why is it the sun feel the need to post a women’s vital statistics as readily as her age? Does her cup size really make her any more or less of a woman?? We as women have spent 100s of years stroking the male ego ‘No darling, size doesn’t matter’ yet we are allowing the media to judge us on our breast size?

Again, this is coming across all so hypocritical because only a year ago i was freely posing topless to further my laughable modelling career. Now i am away from the industry i realise that i have damaged my self confidence as my boob size wasn’t adequate, and i want more than ever for all these pictures to just disappear. But they wont. But yet i am envious of the girls who are so confident in themselves and would never ask them to change, but why does confidence and attractiveness have be measured on how little clothes someone has on?

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Female Journalist on Feminism

  1. I don’t necessarily think that the whole of society uses these same measurements! Well i definitely don’t, if anything i think a lot of topless modelling is to boost a girls confidence! So could be either of the spectrum and by someone taking their clothes off it definitely doesn’t make them more attractive! It completely depends on the person you are trying to attract for instance a young builder who reads nuts regularly WILL find a topless girl more attractive but is this the kind of man you want to attract? and as for your first quotation ‘I am one of those people that can see both sides of the argument. (In most cases)’, I have recently wrote a post on woman’s rights to equal pay (http://conflictwithcroggon.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/what-women-want/) and wondering can you see both sides of this argument?! Love to hear your response! Thanks, Laura 🙂

  2. Yes, well this article was quoted from a former glamour model Elle Richie (https://twitter.com/ElleRichieTime)

    Technically this article is not my material at all (hence the quote marks)

    I understand that women want equal pay as men, but the input they implement in workplace must be equal itself. Sadly, the workplace is still rather male-dominated (not in numbers of male workers in a certain work sector, but in terms of management and power). You may find some workplaces promote women to powerful positions in accordance to quotas, but find they lack the power their workplace title suggests.

    I feel Feminism has clamped the masculinity of men to some extent and not for a good effect for society.

    I also feel (although Feminism is not necessarily the issue here) that fathers who are barred from seeing their child (even if they have no criminal or history of violence record) have been dealt a hard hand by the legal system. I believe that the mothers in question have just a bit too much power in their hands in the custody of their children, who sadly have little choice in whether they see their fathers or not.

    I personally do have compassion for certain parts of the feminist movement (especially stopping violence against women) but other parts seem to attack what I see as merely light entertainment such as Page 3. The Ban Page 3 movement is waste of time and I feel those who endorse this movement are merely seeking to improve their public image.
    What would be better is to encourage parents to learn to use child-locks on their children’s laptops or even mobiles. This is due to many rather bizarrely believe a child could just pick up a copy of The Sun and read it in public with no-one stopping them (you may protest this but I see most kids mostly run to the toys/sweets sections in supermarkets, even those in their mid-teens).

    I do find powerful women (for whatever reasons they are powerful) are attractive and desirable. However, some of these women may abuse their power and place their spouses in compromising positions such divorces, pre-nups and how they treat them. Although violence against women is a massive concern, there are also high levels of domestic violence against men. I know men are capable of more damage than women in such circumstances, but there have been men who been sent to wards for being victims of domestic violence.

    Conversely, whilst the feminist movement has gained ground over the past fifty years, there are some women who insist on adhering to rather vile “Barbie Doll” image. I heavily disapprove of this, but these women make their own gender appear horrific by ‘dogging’, binge-drinking, swearing and an uncomfortably conceited image of themselves. They also chase (but not attract) rough, vile (of any class) men (or even those who are criminals), get impregnated and bring up problematic children. Sadly, this does support the movement to ban Page 3- but these type of women will carry on circulating their images elsewhere anyhow.

    As a result, these women in question make a diseasing mockery of the feminist movement, so do I feel sorry.

    If you ever wanted a fine example of “dumb is not cute” (or attractive), just look at Sophie Reade.

    I thank you for commenting on this post

    • No problem I enjoyed reading the post and a really eye-opening reply!

      An interesting point of role reversal within traditional gender roles. Could this be the reason behind single mothers taking advantage of their empowerment, as they are not usually stereotypically righteous too it, would you agree?

      I do believe also that banning page 3 is a waste of time, my sister has recently started topless modelling and although it is not the most honest way of earning a living at least she isn’t sat on her sofa, unemployed or impregnating herself to take more of an advantage of the benefits this country offer and binging them down the drown! Im guessing this is similar to the Barbie doll image you had in mind? Very true these women will continue to circulate these images- if theres a will theres a way!

      Furthermore, if people don’t like page 3 they will have to turn a blind eye to the matter as in my opinion there is a larger ratio who are for page 3 or simply have no opinion on the matter, which is unfortunate for the feminism movement but i do feel there is bigger issues for them to conquer!

      As i previously stated a huge issue that affects me is the gender inequality in the work place particularly when it concerns pay. You raise a very interesting point and would you suggest that if we had more iconic dominating women in the media this would play an important role in making the change? I have recently wrote a blog post on the fact of gender inequality in the workplace and would love to get your thoughts on it from such an experienced blogger, http://conflictwithcroggon.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/what-women-want/

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading more of your posts.

      • Hahahah I’ve only been blogging for a month. Nice to see you appreciate my thoughts

        As for the Barbie doll image being associated with the dole, not necessarily but even among the more affluent “Barbie dolls” there seems to be a nasty kind of arrogance. It makes them seem rather aggressive and rough, lending themselves towards most neanderthal men.

        This seems silly but when I was at school I hung out with geeks and listening to fairly miserable rock music. I’ve found that not all the people labelled as “chavs” are lazy dole scroungers- some grow out of the phase they were stuck in at school and become decent people. Unfortunately, I found a few of friends to be rather despicable- one in particular was an upper-class snob who went to a decent uni but has graduated with few prospects and none of us really talk to him. Sadly, you will find some rather geeky or quiet people to end up not growing up so well and some “grebs” being scumbags as well.

        A difference I have found between the rougher characters and the more introverted ones is that the rougher people laugh things off more quickly and get on with life more quickly, but the quiet ones need an arm round their shoulder. There seems to be a lack of balance that’s getting worse.

        As for your sister, it does prove a lot of girls regardless of their backgrounds are tempted to do topless modelling. This industry has become more expansive recently with the appearance of Suicide Girls and more alternative (i.e. darker hair/pale skin) models gaining attention, even in Page 3 with Vikki Blows and Mel Clarke. Quite frankly the idea of banning topless modelling is very poor as most of these girls, as well as their photographers and magazine editors will be out of jobs IN A HORRIFIC ECONOMIC CLIMATE.

      • oh no way, your writing seems like its from experience! Really well-written and interesting points if you’ve only been blogging a month imagine what you will be like in a year! Haha
        Oh i understand what you mean it makes them very shallow as a person appreciating aspects of a relationship such as money, wealth, status over what really matters, love.
        Ha i always seem to find myself checking up on my old school peers facebook page and checking what they have been up too I hate to say but it gives me pleasure in seeing the people who were classed as bullies still in their little bubble and growing up working in Asda! But from personal experience i have also seen others with so much potential do the same because of self confidence issues. It’s a waste to see but maybe they need stronger guidance and a push in the right direction in education to escape the loop they can easily be caught in.
        Yes exactly and if it was banned Im sure society would find themselves with another group of activists with another problem! To me it makes sense to leave it be and if you weren’t to like it, simply don’t buy it or choose a different newspaper!

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