The burning city

Look around yourselves at your surroundings

Is this what you dreamed of your city becoming?

Wanting kids to hang around street corners with nothing to do

Due to funding cuts shutting down youth centres?

Did you foresee the segregation of ethnic groups

Hanging around their own neighbourhoods filled with people mostly of their creed

With postcode barriers inserted to state territorial enemy lines between gangs?

The indigenous population cried for the removal of these ethnics all those decades ago

However the ethnics stayed and the natives lost their will to impose their culture

Attacking their own traditions to inform on each other and gain the moral high ground

The elderly who fought in the war and brought up the baby boom in the 50’s and 60’s

Now suffer in squalid conditions at care homes

Conversely prisoners are treated to luxury thanks to political idea of bringing “liberty to all”

Allowing the worst in society to be pitied and spoilt for their ill-gotten code of conduct

Contributed by the law-abiding refusing to assert their authority

Remaining political correct at the cost of the burning city

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