“Wanderfoul”: A combo of The Inbetweeners, Skins and Misfits

This new Tv Series will revolve two geeky misfits. Their names are Gary Wells and Clive Tilk. They are two only members of the cast able to use magic powers, persistently using their ‘time-freeze’ powers to openly discuss the implications and potential consequences of a difficult situation unfolding.

Series 1/2 (School- years 10/11)

Series 3 (Sixth Form College)

Series 4 (Uni First Year)

Series 5 (Adulthood- 23 years old)

Gary Wells (JG)

Intelligent individual who is interested in Warhammer, Sci-Fi and Politics. He has a continuing love interest in a girl named Carly.

Clive Tilk (EJ)

Gary’s naive but well-principled best friend. Interested in trains and strange documentaries. Succeeds in having a relationship with Suzanne, but this breaks down in sixth form and struggles with his anguish.

Jazz Defoe (JT) Series 1/2, 5

A white boy who thinks he’s black. Despite handsome looks and a tall, muscular physique, his lack of social skills holds him back and his black friends tease him for having blond hair. As a result, he shaves his head bald, starts using tanning beds and bodybuilding. He believes he is popular with women, but most find him repulsive and chauvinistic. The death of his best mate Brian Thompson ends his friendship with Gary and Clive.

Brian Thompson (TM) Series 1/2

The leader of the four man friendship group. One of Parkway Cove School’s brightest students, he is an active member of the school’s football and tennis teams and the debating society. Dies of testicular cancer halfway through series 2, causing widespread shock due to his unwillingness to tell anyone until it is too late. He also has a secret gay relationship with Steve, which is only revealed after his death, causing Jazz to refuse any acknowledgement of his friendship with Brian.

Peng-Wan Cheng (DD) (Series 2/3) 

A bona fide emo kid of Chinese descent who is a heavily-involved member of the metal/hardcore scene. Appearing at the start of series 2, he clashes heavily with Jazz and Brian and he is brutally beaten by Steve, who discovers Peng’s attempt to reveal their relationship (and their sexuality) by gate-crashing Brian’s debating committee meeting. Befriends Gary and Clive after Brian’s sudden death and earns their respect when he openly confronts Jazz over his homophobic rejection of his friendship with Brian.

He joins Gary and Clive at the same sixth form college The Farm High. He creates a band and becomes a user of prescription drugs and cannabis. He engages in extreme sexual orgies and experiments with gay sex, despite having little attraction to men. His behaviour deteriorates and he is sent to a rehabilitation centre. On his release, he is brutally murdered by his drug dealer Merson Taylor whom mistakenly believes he owes a debt of over £1,000.

Kane Webberson (MR) (Series 3, 5)

An extremely socially inept kid whom the gang meet at sixth form. He is very shy, causing him to exaggerate terrible lies regularly which no-one believes. He become Peng’s best friends and they both engage in heavily drug taking. When Peng is recuperating in rehab, Kane betrays him by telling their drug dealer Merson that it is Peng (when it is actually Kane) who owes the unpaid drugs debt. Consequently, Gary and Clive reject Kane and in the final scene of series 3, Kane is working as a builder but shown conversing to a voice on his mobile that sounds like Jazz, so it is presumed both are working in the criminal underworld.


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