The false “nice guy”

You’re probably believing this article is big business CEOs who psychologically manipulate others to reach the top.

No, this is about losers in society who beg others to call them a ‘nice guy’ to make up for their emotional, physical and sociological shortcomings.

These ‘losers’ are often mistaken for being ‘nice guys’ by the general public, due to their lowly status and their attitude and demeanour.

Yes, there are super ‘nice’ guys out there but their overwhelming levels of empathy and softness (feminine traits) are enough alone to drag them down to being losers.

What I will talk about are guys who are losers due to being mentally weak, lazy and greedy, which causes them to try to be ‘nice’ to everyone as their way of making being a sorry human being.

Social acceptance of the formal behaviours of men and women is influential.

Being ‘nice’ is more acceptable for women, as being gentle, accommodating, open, softly-spoken and warming are ‘feminine’ traits.

Being ‘nice’ is less acceptable for men, as being assertive (or aggressive in certain situations), mindful, strongly-spoken and reticent are ‘masculine’ traits.

These ‘losers’ insist upon whining and sobbing when they are faced with slightest hint of a challenge in their lives, wanting others to express their sympathy for them when it is clear they are completely refusing to rise up to the obstacle they are facing.

Often a extremely childish and inexplicable myth about the type of man that women wanted the most were ‘bad boys’.

Sadly, most of these women who want ‘bad boys’ are those living on the dole, raising many kids, living with different partners in short-term relationships and often willing victims in domestic abuse.

In my opinion, what women want are ‘winners’*.

No Charlie Sheen pun intended.

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