England vs. Chile (15th Nov 2013) Friendly


Alexis Sanchez ‘7, ’90+4 (*7, Man of the Match)


1 Forster *6.5; 2 Johnson *6, 3 Baines *5, 4 Milner *5.5 (21 Defoe ’65), 5 Cahill *5, 6 Jones *6 (12 Smalling ’57), 7 Wilshere *5.5 (18 Cleverley ’71), 8 Lampard (c) *5 (19 Henderson ’71), 9 Lallana *6.5 (17 Barkley ’77), 10 Rooney *6,  11 Rodriguez *5.5 (20 Townsend ’57).

CHILE 4-6-0

1 Bravo (c); 4 Isla (18 Jara ’59), 17 Medel, 3 Gonzalez, 2 Mena; 21 Diaz, 14 Mati Fernandez (9 Gutierrez ’46), 20 Aranguiz (6 Carmona ’46); 11 Vargas (16 Munoz ’71), 7 Sanchez (MOTM), 15 Beausejour.

Min-by-min notes

2:30 ENG pressing up high; Chile GK tips ball over bar from setpiece (could have caught ball)

4:35 Dangerous cross into Chile’s 6 yard box from Adam Lallana

6:05 Chile passing deep, inviting ENG to press high up (reminiscent of Southampton’s style)

6:41 GOAL Sanchez scores (header) ENG 0-1 CHI Sanchez runs into centre from far post; (man-marker Baines is set on his heels, unprepared to react and get in front of Sanchez to win header) Left-wing cross assist from Mena

8:19 Rooney passes to Lallana; tame shot into GK’s hands

12:02 Milner crosses from the byline on the right; GK catches easily (Good cross nonetheless)

13:10 Beausejour shoots; Forster palms shot away well (Good opportunity for Chile)

14:00 ENG corner Lallana tries to play short to Johnson, but Chile have a player to cut it out (Basic error)

18:35 Wilshere fouled by Beausejour (YELLOW CARD)

21:25 Milner shoot; deflected for corner

23:35 Wilshere shoots; GK punches

28:50 CHILE corner; Medel (5′ 7″) heads over

31:00 Chile break on the counter-attack well; Beausejour hesitates to shoot, allowing Forster to position his body to force Beausejour to pass the ball to teammates that be caught up by England players

38:00 Jones shoots with the outside of his right boot; misses target narrowly

43:30 Wilshere picks out a wonderful through-ball to Rooney, who squares it to Lallana running into the centre to shoot; Lallana’s shot deflects off Mena for a corner

45:00 Aranguiz twists his knee


HT Report

ENG struggling to mark runners from Chile’s six-man midfield; Chile doing well to push runners into large areas of space

ENG suffering from lack of familarity and poor organisation from the midfield trio; Chile overwhelming ENG with higher intensity, stronger technical ability (allowing them to pass quicker and more fluently)


50:30 Vargas steals ball from ENG corner (this is the second time it has happened- lack of familarity and organisation worrying)

79:48 Impressive shielding of the ball by Sanchez against the advances of Cleverley and Barkley

83:20 Good dribble by Barkley into Chile’s box; let down by poor cross

90 (+3:25) GOAL Sanchez chips the ball into the goalmouth and sends Forster the wrong way ENG 0-2 CHI; (poor give away by Cahill in the lead-up of the goal) Sanchez comes inside from the left and scores with his right foot


FT Report 

Chile dominated the game with superior technique; quicker and more fluent passes of the ball, goalkeeper joined in the passing carousel by passing low and short; Chile were also superior in the organisation of man-marking and chasing the opposition in packs

England struggled with passing exchanges usually lasting no more than five in the middle of the park; Lampard slow and laboured in anchor role; Milner struggled with the quality of his passes; Wilshere grew frustrated with the lack of dynamism in the movement of the team; Rodriguez very restricted on the left side; Lallana showed flashes of quality but failed to give sufficient support to Rooney; Rooney isolated with few runners from behind; Johnson made purposeful runs but was quiet later on; Baines largely anonymous with Chile succeeding to block him off from moving into attacking positions; Cahill sloppy and uncertain in tackles and passes; Jones was committed, but brash in his tackling; Forster made a solid début in goal.

Many have criticised Roy for the selection of the players for this game, but many have defended Roy by asking “If Roy didn’t pick the likes of Lallana and Rodriguez, when will they play?”. Roy’s critics, however, have countered this by questioning the ability of the FA to judge the quality of opposition they pick to play on the belief that winning performances against weaker opposition is better for morale. Roy’s defenders believe strong opposition is vital for England to learn their weaknesses and avoid complacency.

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