Mandela Is Dead! Mandela, hero or villain?

European Independant Media Centre

Nelson Mandela is dead.

We can now expect the media to drone on about this man for the next few weeks, relling the ignorant masses that he was a hero, a champion of the African people. But was he?


For those who are informed, and do not rely on the corrupt mainstream media to shape their view of the world, Mandela, was a murdering terrorist.

He was a Communist terrorist who led a campaign of mass murder, torture and fear, subjecting thousands of both his own black people, and white Europeans to horrific deaths. His favoured method was “The Necklace”, were a car tyre would be placed around the victims neck (like a necklace), then set alight.


Mandela was in fact close friends with his “comrade” and fellow Marxist terrorist, Fidel Castro


He was not a freedom fighter, but fought with the ANC to install Communism in South Africa, and…

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