RIP Front: The bastion of “Alternative Culture” is dead and its community is celebrating their demise

Front Magazine have announced today that they will cease publication immediately.

A magazine that claimed to be the bastion of alternative culture has received a mixed response to its demise on Twitter.

It’s clear it was more popular with fans outside of the alternative cultural spectrum than it was inside it.

Its perceived objectification of women clashed heavily with the left-wing ethos of a culture concerned with egalitarianism, anti-corporatism and greater social awareness.

Front was seen as a magazine that milked the tattoo and piercing fad brigade for everything it was worth, so it’s no surprise that those part of the underground scene are resentful to see their fashion and ideals being transferred to the mainstream hipster scene.

I have questioned whether alternative culture is actually such a thing.

Do you need tattoos to represent who you are? The respected members of the tattooed community often have their reputation smeared by hipsters and the tribal gangster scene. Tattoos can be used to represent individualism, but sadly a few certain designs keep being copied and instead become part of popular hipster culture.

It seems the underground scene see publications such as Front tarnishing their image and DIY ethics. Fad fashion, alcoholism, promiscuity, electronic consumerism and politically incorrect jokes are clearly not ideals that alternative culture want to be seen as part of their repertoire.

Claiming to be the bastion of alternative culture vindicates the lack of sympathy from likewise members, who clearly do not want a product to give them the appearance of having parallels to the traditional lad mag culture.

Is there a such thing as “Alternative Culture”? Yes, and it is glad that Front is dead.

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