elliot rodger

Just read Elliot Rodger’s manifesto. First of all, who writes 107,000 words about their life? I’ve personally written mini blog posts on my own secret blogs about certain people and unfortunate incidents, but never felt myself to be so self-important to the point to write a chronological detail story of my whole life. His memory of early life is astonishing, 10 times better than mine and people tell me I remember my early days better than them. The people he killed don’t even remotely resemble the “people” he hates- the ones he thinks are fucking each other gloriously (in his head), the beastly men and the tall blonde goddesses. He has a never-ending anger towards seeing couples. I could remember some point in the past fancying two girls beyond healthy resolve and when they got into proper relationships, I was happy as fuck. Happy as Larry that the delusion I was suffering in trying to second guess my chances with getting with ‘whoever-it-was’ finally extinguished. Having real confirmation that my chances of getting with this girl was exactly the same as any other guy who lusted over her: Zero. Also realising the type of man that she got with was a reflection of her personality, which didn’t have anything in common with mine. 

The guy kept talking about his ‘intelligence’ and how cultured he was by simply the places his parents took him to. The guy showed no idea about how anyone else lived and the sort of issues they faced, or any sort of research on the internet by reading someone’s story. I’ve been to ten countries, but yet I wouldn’t even dare say I know the things that go on in Britain that well. The guy’s emotional hollowness was something beyond realm, his inability to see beyond materialism is stark and ignorance of his lack of actual knowledge of anything.

His youtube videos are absolute empty horror show of lack of self-awareness and his lack of appreciation of how difficult society finds it to interact with people who are socially stunted. Anxiety generally spreads anxiety to others. His manifesto is ridiculously obsessed with his childhood, which he latches onto for dear life. When I look back to my childhood, I’m sort of glad it’s gone. No longer seeing the people who hurt me so much and pretended to be my friends.

I wonder how many people out there are just like me and him, only they might have chosen his way of believing he should be getting non-stop sex and due to the lack of this happening for him, everyone should be banned from having sex.


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