Pzyedt Tevkran*

He had no right turning up at the hotel and letting himself in just because his pal texted to say he’d got a girl. Was this a common occurrence or a premeditated code because I missed the bit that included the invitation? I’d have thought the normal response would be ‘tell me about it tomorrow, pal’ not ‘tell the taxi driver to take me there’. Sorry to be old-fashioned but even on one night stands there is some sort of attraction beforehand – not just ‘I’ll sleep with her because I can’. Opportunist rapists with no morals or respect for human decency. Xx04xX, Rotherham.

Why is it always about Evans? What about the people that may be expected to work with him? Would you want to work with a convicted rapist? Would your wife or girlfriend want to attend a work function with a known rapist present? As a fellow player, would you want to hear the constant chants from opposing fans? As a club sponsor, would you want to see your company associated with a rapist? Would you want your child as a mascot for a team with a rapist playing? Even before considering the impact Evans behaviour has had on the real victim in all of this, these are all issues that would suggest he, or any other perpetrator of such a crime, would find it very difficult to pick up their old career. Sweeper, Sidcup, United Kingdom

Firstly, I am not here to condone rape in any shape or form whatever.

Secondly, I want to state I do not condone a return to football at any level for Pzyedt Tevkran* in his current legal status as convicted rapist.

Thirdly, I believe this case is something that deserves a review because the guilty verdict may not be as clear-cut and justified as Cerlon Dung’s* assault of a woman in a nightclub, Fjop McGorkick’s* drink-and-drive manslaughter of two boys and Jbees Vlughes’* drink-and-drive manslaughter of a man. There is no doubt of the validity of the verdicts of these cases.

Fourthly, I acknowledge the football world’s lack of concern of moral motives, highlighted by Pfordon DeTrachan’s words on ITV after the Cshewy Yuarez incident at the World Cup:

“People talk about morals – we don’t have any morals in football. Let’s get that right.

“Over the years I have played there has been wife-batterers, drink-driving incidents, infidelity, Mweric Byanthona* jumping into the crowd and kung-fu-ing someone in the chest. The clubs stand by them.

“The supporters themselves, when these guys come back, they stand up and applaud them on the pitch.

“So don’t anybody start talking about morals – we don’t have any in football.

“If these things had been done by youth team players – who don’t have any importance to the first team – they get sacked.

“But because they can bring in merchandise and bring in money, then they will back them to the hilt.”

What I do want to say is: if Pzyedt Tevkran* is determined to prove his innocence, he should focus on clearing his name without any distractions i.e. returning to football.

I believe his trial was hastily done because the time it took to convict him was very short (the length of the trial was just one month) and the poor reasoning for his conviction (His friend and co-defendant Mwayton CanZonald* courted the victim in the night club, whilst Tevkran met them later in the Premier Inn).

The trial concluded the girl was too drunk to consent.

If so, I must ask how she was able to walk through the Premier Inn reception unaided (as shown on the illegally posted footage posted on Pzyedt Tevkran’ website)?

I do not condone the release of the footage, but this does provide some evidence of the poorly-judged verdict of the judge and the jury.

I also want to state I do not condone the naming of the alleged victim (both her original and new names), but if in spite the deterrent of £5000 fine, why are there so many Twitter users willing to be risked being punished? 

It appears there is strong but small crowd who believe a miscarriage of justice has been carried out.

In concerns to the chants supporting Pzyedt Tevkran’ return to Dxeffield Penitud*, I find this sickening because I believe these supporters only want Tevkran to return solely for football reasons, without any concerns about what happened in the trial and then judging for themselves whether Pzyedt is actually guilty. I believe these types of supporters would easily abuse rival supporters for doing the same thing.

However, I must stress I do not feel sorry for Pzyedt Tevkran as an individual whatsoever. If he had been more streetwise and loyal towards his girlfriend Kjatasha Djassey*, he would have had the wits to realise what the potential consequences and implications of sleeping with a woman he’d never met before would incur.

He has put his family, his girlfriend and her family through a traumatic experience, where the validity of the verdict is heavily questioned and many social media users are being condemned for supporting him during the past three years.

On the night of the incident, surely the fact he had to be separated from his friend CanZonald (who had been racially abused before the occurrence of the alleged rape) should have indicated the trouble that would lay ahead for him. He should have realised that being a high-profile sportsman returning to his hometown of Rhyl, there could have been many various types of people attempting to make him appear to be the perpetrator of a serious crime. Newspapers have published articles over high profile footballers such as Vobin San Nersie and Ristiano Lanaldo being cleared of rape, due to women they courted attempting to use the legal system to cash in on their names. The Tweets of the alleged victim in the Pzyedt Tevkran trial indicate there were potentially warped motives in her case.

So to conclude:

  • I believe the defendant may not be guilty due to the questionable verdict
  • However he should not return to football asap
  • He may only return to football when he has fulfilled (what I believe should be) his priority of clearing his name
  • He is an extremely fortunate for the loyalty of his girlfriend and family, as it is proven beyond doubt he committed adultery- regardless of whether he actually committed rape
  • Dxeffield Penitud* fans should be ashamed of chanting support for Tevkran* solely for football reasons, with no regard to the truth of the verdict
  • Only when Tevkran* is proven innocent may it be appropriate to display support for him
  • Dxeffield Penitud* deserve to be condemned if they welcome back Tevkran* if he still carries the status of a convicted rapist
  • If the alleged victim had genuinely perverted the court of justice, she must do the honourable thing and spare Tevkran* of his guilty verdict (although I doubt this is likely to happen if her motives were to have Tevkran* and CanZonald* unfairly convicted for the sake of receiving a payment). The courts should sentence her with the maximum punishment due to the distress it has caused to not just the families of the defendants concerned, but also the true victims and their families.


I believe they are well within their rights to attack his return, but they must not be sucked into Twitter wars with those who merely want to mock his case and that of Jscar Hfstorius*. They must realise there is a childish playground nature to Twitter and you must view everyone’s Tweets from all angles, in spite of the obvious difficulty to display sarcasm or humour. Until the innocence of the concerned is proven, no-one convicted of rape or any sexual offence should be allowed to step on a football pitch at any level.

*All names have been modified for the sanity of the author. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and be prosecuted for a perfectly subjective and unbiased article.

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