Turbos and Tantrums

Alan Jones Alan Jones

Australian Alan Jones was crowned World Champion of Drivers at the conclusion of the 1980 Formula One Season – the first Aussie since Sir Jack Brabham to achieve this feat and the first Williams driver to do so, in only the team’s fourth year in the sport.

What nobody knew at the time was that this would be the last World Championship of Drivers. From now on, the premier competition in world motor sport would be the World Drivers’ Championship. A seemingly minor linguistic quibble, but one that hid a multitude of changes – political, organisational, technological – within the sport of Formula One.  The Maranello Agreement that brought about this change  was part of the ongoing “FISA – FOCA War”, a power struggle within the sport between the governing body, FISA, the Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile (an autonomous sub-committee of the FIA), and FOCA, the Formula One Constructors’…

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