Top-5 Biggest Dickheads in Formula One

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As much as I love Formula One, there are certain aspects of it and certain people within the sport that I absolutely can’t stand. These are the people who I feel hinder the credibility of the sport the most. If these people had nothing to do with anything within the sport, F1s would be better off.

Amazingly, I’m leaving Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher off the list, mainly because neither one of them has done anything particularly heinous as of late but also because I want to refrain from saying anything bad about anyone currently participating in the sport or anyone who has any chance of coming back to the sport. And yes, that last part was directed at the new rising star on this particular collection of assholes.

1. Flavio Briatore

Flavio the Flatulent, as I like to call him, was and still is the biggest douchebag in…

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