My Final Word on “Cultural Marxism”


...As it's commonly portrayed. …As it’s commonly presented.

**NOTE 1/22: This paper has undergone several revisions since it was originally posted, so if you downloaded it previously, please consider doing so again**

Given the varied response my blog post “On the Myth of Cultural Marxism” elicited from reactionaries and revolutionaries alike in 2014, I thought it appropriate to begin the new year with a paper elaborating my thoughts on the controversial subject. It retains aspects of the blog post, but I have refined my thesis and construct it in a less polemical fashion. The paper, entitled “The Origins and Ideological Function of Cultural Marxism,” is not intended as an exhaustive refutation of the conspiracy, but should instead be read as one man’s contribution to the broader project of debunking the myth.

As with all my work, it can either be downloaded here or on my profile. Feedback is always welcome.

As a consequence of the…

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