A List of Research Articles Debunking the ”Economic” Argument of Mass-Immigration


Here’s a list of scientific articles to dispel the notion that muh economy is a valid argument for mass immigration in first world countries.

In short, there is NO evidence that mass-immigration is beneficial for the economy. Any argument in favor of it should not pertain to economics.

If the proponents of mass-immigration are motivated by altruism and the dissolution of Western culture, they should say so. Not spread lies about how our economy needs mass-immigration.

Here are the articles, with their abstracts.

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The Economic Effects of Immigration into the United Kingdom (Link to article)

This article is concerned with the economic effects of immigration. The emphasis is on Britain, but extensive material is also provided on other countries. Since 1997 a new British immigration policy has displaced previous policy aims, which were focused on minimizing settlement. Large-scale immigration is…

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