Obama’s Legacy of Failure

This post was authored by Peter Martuneac

Eight years ago, then President-elect Barack Obama made sweeping promises of “hope and change.” Guantanamo Bay was going to be closed. There would be no more wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Health care was going to be made affordable to all with no negative side effects. Gone would be the Bush-era economic recessions (never mind that it was Bill Clinton’s Community Reinvestment Act that helped create the bubble in the first place by forcing banks to give bad home loans that would never be paid off).1 Policing the world and intervening in every conflict would be a shameful relic of our past.

It’s practically cliché to make the joke that in reality, we ended up with no hope, and only (pocket) change.

I wanted President Obama to succeed when he was sworn into office, just like I want every American president to…

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