Islam and Liberalism, friends or foes?

Given what one can find in the news and on social media, many progressive minded individuals are under the impression that Islam is a forward-thinking and tolerant religion, or at the very least, no more of a social ill than any other religion.

Many of them consistently reject the possibility of any link between the religion of Islam and misogyny, terrorism, bigotry against homosexuals, and so on. Anyone who argues the existence of such a link is often shouted down as a bigot, a racist, or an islamophobe, as if one is a moral monster merely for criticizing this set of ideas. 

Now, surely, there is bigotry and discrimination against Muslims as people. Muslims are not a monolith, and to negatively generalize them or mistreat them just because they are Muslim is well-deserving of social condemnation. All people should be judged and treated as individuals, to do otherwise is illiberal and, in the author’s…

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