The 2010 Teams – What went wrong?

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2010-f1-teams2With Manor now closing its doors, the last of the 2010 debut teams has bitten the dust. Last year, Haas F1 entered the sport as the first American constructor in F1s for decades. And though their maiden season wasn’t very flattering on the overall,  the team scored points in three of the first five races of the season thanks entirely to Romain Grosjean. These along with a couple of more visits to the bottom-half of the score zone eventually secured Haas the 8th position in the Constructors’ championship, beating out long-standing constructors Renault and Sauber (as well as the recently deceased Manor). Even if the latter half of the season was quite challenging, Haas proved itself to be a constructor that knew what it was doing. They maybe struggled to keep up with the rest of the teams on car development – but now with money coming into the team…

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