Brexit threat to workers’ rights

Shiraz Socialist

 Steve Bell 010217Illustration: Steve Bell (Guardian)

By Prof Keith Ewing

(This article first appeared in – of all places – the pro-Brexit Morning Star, on January 31 2017)

It’s not possible for the Tories to both protect workers’ rights and satisfy their red line demand that the European Court of Justice should have no legal effect in Britain, writes KEITH EWING

NOW that Brexit is inching closer, a number of questions are becoming more urgent. Not least is the question of workers’ rights.

What is to happen to the great body of labour law that derives from the EU?

Social Europe may be dead but there is an inheritance to protect. The Tories have promised that workers’ rights will be guaranteed. But they also promised that Brexit would ensure extra funding for the NHS. How equally hollow is the promise on workers’ rights?

Hard Brexit will expose workers’…

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One thought on “Brexit threat to workers’ rights

  1. This is a HUGE admission that the Left are too inept to take power for a long long time! They need nanny’s hand to make all their good laws, else all those nasty Tories – which the public want in office – will force them all to work for tuppence a week, 25 hours a day.

    Why won’t the public vote Labour, to either destroy Brexit or simply imitate the EU? (Labour can drown refugees at sea for the complete experience!) Is it because the Left are becoming far too militant again that ordinary, aspirational people don’t want the world of the closed shop, high tax, work to rule and pickaxe handles at the factory gate, which is so beloved of old motivated Socialists? I don’t think they want to go back to the days when you can only take a fiver out of the country.

    And if this comment is speculation and nonsense, then so – by the same token – is the article.

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