Economic Liberties in Direct Democracy

what direct democracy might be

 We each value differently. Some of us don’t value a surplus of material goods, i.e. accumulated wealth, at all. Conversely, the valuations of some are largely socially comparative, such that the value of anything is contingent upon its value to a certain select group — therefore the more of such a thing the better.

Well, if an immoral act is one that, were everyone to engage in it, the world would be left a worse place — an act that at least indirectly harms the innocent — how would the accumulation of wealth — above and beyond a satisfaction of the necessities of life — rank in terms of its morality? Since we long ago ensured that future generations will no longer have to struggle against the ravages of nature itself, nor face any real threat of invasion, does not our continued, compulsive accumulation of material wealth for its own…

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