A Revolutionary Idea

The Rationalists

By Guest Author; Henry Kincaid


It’s a term thrown around a lot, revolutionary, it simply means “new or innovative, a complete, radical change, or outside of standard practice”; so when someone invents a new type of camera, lightbulb, or phone, and this invention is actually, genuinely new in process, function, and/or result, the product is actually revolutionary, however; that doesn’t mean it’s good. The conflation of ‘revolutionary’ with ‘good’ or ‘better’ is a very common one; it is found in almost every circle, and in almost every context; it’s part of our colloquial language, it’s part of our vernacular culture, it’s something we just say, but it’s also wrong. It’s incorrect. Not everything new is better, not everything creative is an improvement, and not everything innovative is superior. Protests and revolutions aren’t necessarily a good thing; a protest is only as good as the idea that spurred it into existence. A quick…

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