The Art of Expressing Yourself

While this blogpost offers concrete advice for how to improve your expression skills, some people might need the philosophical insight required to actually have the balls to speak your mind. For th… Source: The Art of Expressing Yourself Advertisements

The Philosophy of Being Yourself

There’s people who say: “You can get away with saying certain things because you’re an immigrant.” Nonsense. There are individuals who sincerely believe that Im a nazi, and … Source: The Philosophy of Being Yourself

A Revolutionary Idea

Originally posted on The Rationalists:
By Guest Author; Henry Kincaid “Revolution.” It’s a term thrown around a lot, revolutionary, it simply means “new or innovative, a complete, radical change, or outside of standard practice”; so when someone invents a new type of camera, lightbulb, or phone, and this invention is actually, genuinely new in process, function, and/or result,…

Reactionary Socialism

Above: Reactionary Socialism in action By Johnny Lewis Labour and Brexit For Labour the 2015 election may well prove as significant as the Liberals’ 1924 defeat which signified their eclipse by Labour. Certainly this fate was signalled by the psephologists post ’15 analysis of Labour’s 2020 prospects. They concluded Labour needed to win 100 seats […]…